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Vent Steam Silencers

A vent silencer, also known as safety valve & blow down silencer, is basically designed to meet the expanded flow requirements of steam & other high pressure gas venting systems. Vent silencers find wide applications in high pressure vents, steam vents, safety relief valve outlets, steam blow downs & purge outlets, etc.



  • Fibre glass cloth protected infill
  • Replaceable infill on many units
  • Available for high temperature applications
  • Rain Caps available if required
  • Other treatments, including hot dip galvanizing, are available on request





BACHMANN INDIA employs NAP Silentflo technology to produce a range of vent silencers to solve airborne noise problems associated with safety venting systems. The silencers are available in a variety of configurations from absorptive to diffusion units. The unique design employs expansion, diffusion and absorption to provide high levels of broadband noise attenuation. The standard vent silencers are capable of reducing noise levels by 15-35dB (A).

“If even higher performance levels are required, BACHMANN  INDIA can provide custom designs to suit the most demanding applications.”

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