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Glandular Spade Valves

The GSV damper design for achieving 100% cross–blade gas isolation without employing seal–air fan system is the original proprietory design of our partners – the erstwhile Metroflex, UK. Very popular in application such as ESP inlet and outlet, it features a unique dual bulb-sealing system and an open bonnet.



  • Operates successfully even under condition of heavy accumulation of dry dust.
  • In closed condition, it achieves 100% leak tightness across blade, ensuring completely safe isolation of the downstream duct.
  • In the unlikely event that seals should need replacement, it is simply done from the outside & access is not required to the duct interior.
  •  Orientation freedom – available for blade entry from top, bottom, side or inclined.
  • Drive options include Rack & pinion drive or the conventional screw rod.

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