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Flap Dampers


  • All moving parts are located inside the duct geometry. This eliminates gas leakage to atmosphere.
  • Flap dampers weigh less than the louver damper thus reducing duct load. Unlike guillotine dampers, they do not induce wind loads into the duct system.
  • All internals are continuously heated by the gas flow creating a negligible hot/cold interface. Thus, there is very little damage due to corrosion from dew point condensation.
  • Only the drive shaft extends out of the duct to allow easy external maintenance to drive bearing & the actuator system.


  • Unique metallic flexible sealing system that compensates for thermal growth, deflection under pressure & debris deposits from flue gas. 100 % isolation is achievable with seal air system.
  • Quick shut/open feature available on demand.
  • Since no large components extend outside the duct, flap damper can be installed in constricted areas, such as stacked duct system.

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