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Gas Turbine Package

BACHMANN INDIA  is a turnkey supplier of complete intake and exhaust systems for all types of Gas-Turbines. From the small systems running on diesel, to massive Frame9 Gas Turbine exhaust bypass, BACHMANN has an enviable supply reference.

BACHMANN INDIA is a one-stop solution provider for Gas Turbine Exhaust System consisting of:

  • Exhaust Plenum or Diffuser Duct,
  • Elbow Duct for simple cycle and Diverter Damper for combined cycle
  • Guillotine Damper or Blanking Plate for man-safe isolation
  • Expansion Joints
  • Transition Ducts,
  • Silencer with baffles,
  • Bypass stack with Support Structures,
  • Platform, ladders and handrails,
  • Controls and accessories


BACHMANN INDIA is the worldwide leader in supplying the Gas Turbine Air Intake system & Exhaust system utilizing own designs or on build-to-print basis using customer supplied details.

Complete By-Pass System References include:
1996 NTPC, Siemens 4 off, V94.2 Frame-9E Exh. System
1998 Kondapalli, Hanjung2 off, Frame-9E GE Exh. System
1999 NAOC Nigeria, GE4 off,LM-2500
2000 Hazira, Alstom Power 2 off, Exh. System
2002 Salalah, Oman, L&T6 off, GE Frame-6 Exh. System
2003 Salalah, Oman, L&T1 off, LM-2500 Exh. System
2005 Konaseema, L&T 2 off, V94.2 Exh. System
2007 Essar Power, BHEL 2 off, Frame-9E Exh. Ducting
2009 IOCL Panipat, L&T 5 off, Frame-6 By Pass System
2010 NDPL,Rithala, BHEL 2 Off, Exh. System
2010 MRPL, BHEL 1 Off, Exh. Ducting
2011 Belarus, BHEL 1 OFF, Exh. Ducting
2012 DAHEJ RIL, BHEL 2 Off, Exh. System
2013 BHEL, SELF 1 OFF, Inlet Ducting
2014 BPCL, BHEL 3 OFF, FR-6,  Inlet Ducting
2015 BHERAMARA, L&T 1 OFF MHI M701M4, Exh. System
420 By-pass System at Kondapalli J0983_ By-pass System at IOCL, Panipat picture1 Air Intake System at NTPC 250By-pass System at NTPC, Dadri

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