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Gas Flow Diverters

BACHMANN India is a specialist supplier of state-of-the-art three-way diverters used for controlling Gas Turbine exhaust flow – either to the Bypass Stack or to the downstream HRSG. The latest generation of BACHMANN GFD is an integration of the best features of the original Bachmann (USA)and Metroflex (UK) designs – the pioneers in this field. Diverters are available in both toggle drive and pivot drive options, covering the complete range: from boxes of small 1M sq. opening to the huge 7M sq. Frame-9FA size. Custom design options can accommodate a variety of aspect ratios, electric or hydraulic drive, circular or conical inlet, and internal or external insulation configuration with quick shut features.


Toggle drive units generally supplied in square profile are the preferred choice for large size and high flow rate applications.
Pivot drives are typically offered with rectangular (letter box) geometry. They have proven economical for a blade height of upto 14 ft.

Pivot Drive Bearing

It is a self-aligning, permanently lubricated, patented-design utilizing highly machined sintered bronze segments. Bearing blocks are easily replaceable from outside with out removing any parts.


Duplex seal

This proprietory design are made of multiple leaf seal segments of Nickel based superalloy materials. They are ‘pressure-assisted’ to achieve a very efficient positive seal between blade and frame mounted landing bars.


Diverter floating blade

It consists of a ‘hot’ structural frame sandwiched between two ‘cold’ blade skins. It is 100% thermally compensated in all directions. Materials used are stainless or alloy steels.


Hydraulic power units

These are ideal for very fast operation especially for large size diverter units. The drive may be either through hydraulic motors or double-acting hydraulic pistons.

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