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Silencers & Ductwork

Turnkey Duct system components supply includes Silencers, Stacks, Support structures and Ductwork (including square to round transitions).

Duct SILENCERS are designed to achieve permissible near field / far field noise level with a touch-safe outside skin temperature while maintaining adequate strength to support Stack loads. The typical GE frame-6 silencer attenuates the gas turbine exhaust by-pass stack noise level to within 85dbA at 1 metre from the system perimeter.

silencers5Silencer at Salalah Power Station, Oman


DUCTINGS, are available in a full range from simple carbon steel to high temperature alloy and stainless steel constructions. With a carbon steel outer frame the internally insulated ducts are typically clad with St/Steel 409 (or other st/steel materials) liner plates over a ceramic or mineral wool lining held together with a specially machined pin & washer arrangement. Externally insulated ducts require special attention to prevent thermal stress cracking.

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