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Butterfly Dampers

Butterfly Dampers are round louver dampers that facilitate both isolation and modulation. They find wide application in industrial ductings used for gas cleaning and process equipment.



  • They support a variety of Seals and options of Drives – Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electro mechanical for quick Actuation.
  • Optional quick-shut/open feature and self-closing with counter-weight arrangementscan0021
  • Sustainable in the full temperature range
  • Available in sizes ranging from 6 ft. to 20 ft. in diameter
  • Allow easy maintenance of the externally mounted drive bearing & actuator system.
  • Unique shaft-sealing arrangement ensures zero leakage by a non-asbestos gland packing arrangement
  • They are easy in installation and seat tightly




STACK CAP DAMPERstack damperStack Cap Damper are typically employed to encapsulate adequate heat to ensure efficient start & working of the boiler. BACHMANN employs a unique coupling and counter-weight mechanism to make the design efficient and 100% independent of external drives, thus eliminating the possibility of dangerous pressure build-up in the system. They are self-opening at set pressure, and self-closing on reduction of pressure below specified, with quick open/shut-off feature.


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