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Acoustic Enclosures

BACHMANN India has launched, for the first time in India, Acoustic Enclosures with a modular inter-locking Panel System. It boasts of the industry-minimum down-time for doing rapid installation and dismantling. It also provides inter-changeability due to its standardized panel geometry.


In a tie-up with NAP Acoustic South-East Asia Pvt. Ltd., the unique SOUND SNAP panel system is now indigenously available. Following many years of development, the SOUND SNAP system has found wide application in hundreds of installations. It has a proven track record for the complete range of noise control products of NAP SILENTFLO, all of which are tested at NATA registered independent laboratories. The range of supply applications consist of:


  • 1 Modular Acoustic Enclosures
  • 2 Transportation Noise Barriers
  • 3 Gas Turbine Intake and Exhaust Silencers
  • 4 Diesel Engine Exhaust Silencers
  • 5 Steam Vent Silencers
  • 6 Air-conditioning silencers
  • 7 Acoustic Doors and Louvers

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