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Guillotine Dampers

The BACHMANN flex-Seat Guillotine Damper is the industry’s preferred choice for flow isolation requirements as they are ideally suited for On-Off duty applications. In high – temperature Gas Turbine service, the specially designed GT Guillotine dampers are normally installed downstream of a Gas Flow Diverter. The GT Guillotine Damper provides 100% isolation enabling ‘man – safe’ entry. There is not a single reported failure from the hundreds of installations over the last 25 years.

Drive System:

  • The self-cleaning, heavy duty rack & pinion drive never needs lubrication.
  • An electric actuator and gearbox or dual pneumatic cylinders give positive drive to the blade in both directions, eliminating the possibility of stretching or mechanical binding occuring in chain-drive mechanisms.
  • Both vertical, side or flat draw orientations are possible.




  • The blade is a corrugated construction, fully supported from deflection on all sides by the solid seat.
  • The ‘C’ shaped blade profile channel perimeter enables full thermal expansion in all four directions eliminating the possibility of distortion experienced in conventional solid plate designs.


  • The flue gas encounters a labyrinth path through a two-sided seal contacting arrangement – the patented flex-seal system.
  • At high temperatures, Super-alloy seal materials retain their ‘spring-back’ properties at elevated temperatures.
  • A minimum of 99.9% sealing efficiency is guaranteed even in high-dust environments, which reaches 100% with seal-air system.

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